Theater FAQs 

Buskirk-Chumley Theater FAQs 

The Buskirk-Chumley Theater has sidewalk-level main entrance doors. There are a few steps connecting the box office to the lobby, but patrons are also able to move from one area to the other via the Kirkwood Avenue sidewalk to avoid all steps. Once inside the theater, restrooms, concessions, and all orchestra level (main level) seating can be accessed without encountering steps. 

Our front doors and restroom doors are not power-assisted. Access to the mezzanine and balcony seating requires climbing numerous steps. There is no elevator in this historic building. If you are wondering if we can accommodate your specific need, please call the box office at 812-323-3020, ext 1. When you attend an event, staff and volunteer ushers are available to provide assistance as needed.

A 30-minute delivery parking spot in front of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater can be used for convenient pick-up and drop-off at any time. Three handicapped parking spots are available in the city-owned parking lot directly behind the theater, and one handicapped parking spot can be found in front of the Fountain Square Mall on Kirkwood Ave between College Ave and Walnut St. 

Accessible Hearing Devices / Listening Enhancement Systems

Wireless headsets are available for patrons who might need assistance hearing what is happening on the stage. Patrons wearing certain hearing aids will be provided with a Neckloop Telecoil Coupler, a device that hangs around the neck and connects the amplified sound from the stage to the hearing aid. To function with the Neckloop model, the hearing aid must have a t-coil (or telecoil). Some older models may not connect with the Neckloop, nor will a Bluetooth hearing aid.

Those not using hearing aids (or those whose hearing aid does not function with the Neckloop) will be provided with a device that requires earbuds or headphones (Williams Sound Receiver Pack R37). Please feel free to provide your own or use earbuds provided by the theater. If you would like to use our listening enhancement devices, please ask a volunteer for assistance and let them know if you are using a hearing aid.

Accessible Restrooms

The Buskirk-Chumley Theater has two accessible restrooms, both with baby-changing stations, in the interior lobby on the main floor of the theater. Those who are able to climb stairs are asked to use the facilities on the upper floors.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating is available on the theater’s orchestra level (main level), including an area for four wheelchairs. Friends and family of patrons using wheelchairs will generally be seated directly in front of or behind the wheelchair seating area. Four additional aisle seats with flip-up arms are available for patrons who prefer to move from a wheelchair to a stationary seat or for others who might find seating easier with a flip-up arm. Wheelchair seating should be discussed during your ticket purchase; these purchases cannot be made online. Doors to the auditorium usually open 30 minutes before the performance begins but if you need early access to your seat for any reason, an usher will be happy to assist you.

Booster seats are also available for our younger patrons. Please ask a volunteer or staff person for assistance if you would like to use one.

COVID-19 Policies

We currently do not have any policies in effect regarding COVID-19. Proof of vaccination and masking are not currently required at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.

General Admission vs. Reserved Seating

If a show is listed as “general admission,” no seat assignment will be made at the time of purchase. You will be allowed to choose your seat when you arrive. 

“Reserved seating” means that you pick your seats at the time of purchase. When purchasing online, you will be asked to select specific seats. When purchasing in person or over the phone, our staff will help you choose the best seat for your needs.

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink items are not allowed in the theater. The only exceptions to this rule are refillable water bottles and items purchased from Blu Boy Café located next door to the theater.

The concessions counter is located in the lobby of the theater. We offer popcorn, candy, water, and sodas, as well as alcohol for those 21+. Beer and spirits are provided by Upland Brewing Company and Cardinal Spirits, proud sponsors of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.

Concessions currently accepts Card Sales Only-No Cash

Lost & Found

If after visiting our theater you realize that you are missing a personal item, do not hesitate to contact us! We keep a lost & found box in our Box Office attached to the theater. Please give us a call at 812-323-3020, ext 1.

Phone Policy

Cell phone use inside of the theater is prohibited at all times aside from photos and video, if the event allows. We ask that you show respect to all artists and performances by taking any phone calls or texts outside of the auditorium.

Photo policy

The policy for photos will vary depending on the event. Sometimes photos and video are fine to take throughout the show, other times an artist requests that photos and video are only taken for the first few songs of the performance, and still for other events the policy might be no photos and video at all. Please check out the photo policy signs posted outside of the auditorium doors night of show to familiarize yourself with the current policy. Note that flash photography is never allowed.


Smoking or vaping is prohibited inside of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and the attached Box Office. Anyone wishing to do so should be directed to the cigarette tree located outside the main doors of the theater, under the marquee.