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The Vienna Boys Choir, founded in 1498 by Emperor Maximilian I, is a prestigious and historic ensemble known for its world-renowned performances and significant contributions to music, having associated with famous composers like Mozart and Bruckner. Today, it operates as a private, non-profit organization, providing comprehensive music education to 300 children and maintaining four choirs. These choirs, comprising 100 boys aged nine to fourteen, perform approximately 300 concerts worldwide annually, collaborating with esteemed orchestras and conductors, and marking a legacy of over 1000 tours and 29,000 performances.

Pat Metheny, a 20x Grammy Award-winning guitarist and composer, announces his Dream Box Tour and album in Fall 2023, marking a unique solo performance journey. Drawing on his nearly five-decade career, Metheny aims to showcase his evolution in solo guitar playing, integrating diverse playing styles and reflecting on his groundbreaking projects. These include New Chautauqua, Zero Tolerance For Silence, The Orchestrion Project, and Grammy-winning solo guitar recordings, One Quiet Night and What's It All About, showcasing his innovation in guitar tuning and sonic range.

Fruition’s latest album, Broken at the Break of Day, highlights the band's eclectic sound and intricate harmonies, offering a mix of rock, folk, and poignant ballads. The Portland-based quintet recorded the album in a brief, intense session, capturing the essence of their dynamic live performances. Broken at the Break of Day, coupled with their 2019 album Wild as the Night, demonstrates the band's commitment to musical authenticity and the evolving digital landscape, offering listeners a cohesive experience through diverse, heartfelt tracks that showcase each member's talent.

Celebrating over 45 years of continuous performance, Spyro Gyra, led by saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, remains a formidable force in the music industry. From their humble beginnings in Buffalo, New York, the band, initially known as "Tuesday Night Jazz Jam," has evolved into a globally recognized ensemble, known for its dynamic performances and extensive discography, including 35 albums and numerous awards. As they approach their 50th anniversary, Spyro Gyra continues to captivate audiences with their blend of fan favorites and new explorations, driven by Beckenstein's unwavering passion and commitment to excellence in live performances.