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Combining business sense with the intangible things that bring light to our lives means that sponsoring the “BCT Presents” season will benefit both your company and the community. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our corporate sponsors, who:

For more information about sponsor recognition & benefits, check out our 2022-2023 Sponsorship Packet. For further information, contact our Executive Director Jonah Crismore at director@buskirkchumley.org or 812-323-3020 ext 3.

Business Benefits

There are many practical, business-related reasons to sponsor the “BCT Presents” season:

  • Sponsorship puts your company’s logo or name in front of thousands of engaged adults living in Monroe County.
  • Sponsorship also provides regional exposure. Approximately 25% of our box office patrons live outside Monroe County,  with 11% from the Indianapolis area and the remaining 14% primarily from our surrounding counties.
  • The BCT was in use 201 days during 2016, with 50,000 patrons walking past the sponsor recognition poster in our lobby and under the marquee, which often features a Premiere Plus sponsor.
  • The success of “BCT Presents” events benefits the Bloomington business community. On the night of their show, BCT patrons often enjoy dinner out, shop downtown, and overall contribute to a thriving economy. Those patrons traveling out of town may stay overnight or for the weekend, further expanding their financial support of and engagement in the community.
  • Sponsors are most heavily recognized at “BCT Presents” events, which are generally the events with the highest attendance. Recognition from the stage, on the marquee, in the program, or on the screen puts your company in front of 5,000-6,000 patrons annually.


Sponsorship Levels

Premiere Plus Sponsors – $10,000
Recognition package includes logo identification on all printed materials and more.
Premiere Sponsors – $7,500
Recognition package includes a full-page ad in every BCT Presents program and more.
Support Sponsors – $5,000
Recognition package includes a half-page ad in every BCT Presents program and more.
Fan Sponsors – $2,500
Recognition package includes a quarter-page ad in every BCT Presents program and more.
Friend Sponsors – $1,000
Recognition package includes an on-screen ad before every BCT Presents movie and more.

Community Benefits

What we really do at the BCT, and what our sponsors support, is create opportunities that give meaning to our lives. We bring you music and stories. We give you a place to create memories. Maybe your first date with your future husband involved a movie at “the old Indiana,” or you remember being turned loose with your childhood friends there for an afternoon of popcorn, candy, and matinees. Perhaps the Arlo Guthrie concert reminded you how important it is to live the dreams you had as a teenager. Was there anything at all like the moment when your son explained why Andrew Bird’s lyrics really spoke to him? Or when your daughter started practicing the piano again because the Regina Spektor show “blew her mind”?

Your sponsorship could help us impact lives, create memories, and light up downtown Bloomington. Please join us.

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