Positive Work Culture

Positive Work Culture

The Buskirk-Chumley Theater is only as great as our people, so they are worth the investment!

Components of a positive work culture encompass clear expectations for staff, curated training and learning opportunities for personal and career growth, and the ability to adapt to new experiences with trust in the established systems, organization, and leadership. As a nonprofit institution, we know compensation equity and budgeting for external endeavors requires fundraising through grants, sponsorships, and donor support.

Support a Positive Work Culture

In 2024, we will emphasize a Positive Work Culture, recognizing that exceptional staff is instrumental in creating a warm, welcoming, safe, and memorable environment for patrons and performers. Hosting over 250 events annually for more than 50,000 attendees has inspired our goal to establish community leadership in staff satisfaction and performance, aspiring to be a preferred workplace in Bloomington. Achieving this involves maintaining competitive salaries and benefits, offering merit incentives, providing opportunities for staff development, and fostering a collaborative and trusting atmosphere.

During the pandemic, the theater faced a drastic reduction in its staff, dropping from 27 to just three employees maintaining their regular hours. Numerous staff members had to leave, and the remaining full-time staff had to take on part-time roles and seek additional employment while waiting for events to resume. Despite the challenges faced by this people-centric organization, the staff exhibited patience and readiness to return to work. Eventually, six full-time leadership staff members could resume their roles after the pandemic shutdown, preserving a cumulative 22+ years of institutional knowledge and expertise. The average leadership staff member has been at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater for 4-6 years. Well-trained and confident staff contribute to an organization’s positive reputation and highlight the quantifiable cost of turnover, with the potential expense of replacing one leadership staff member reaching as high as $120,000, adding stress to an already small team.

In addition to staff, the theater has a deep roster of passionate volunteers. These volunteers contribute 2,500 hours of support annually, $70,000 in-kind labor! Volunteers contribute to a positive work culture and deserve appreciation, special benefits, and acknowledgment for their valuable contributions.