Live @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Live @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Connecting emerging musicians and local audiences to launch the next generation of Bloomington artists!

We are now seeking funding for our August, September, October, and November shows. For more information about how to support this program, please get in touch with Lily Bonwich at or donate to our Community Engagement fund through PayPal.

Interested artists, please complete the Live @ BCT Interest Form.

About this Program

The “Live @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater” concert series, a collaboration between Bloomington’s community theater and community radio station WFHB, aims to showcase local talent and amplify artist visibility. In a series, local artists perform in exchange for fair compensation, marketing, and production support, and high-quality recordings to use as self-promotion following the series. Their performances will be broadcast to grow their audience further.

Who Are the Artists?

Artists will be selected based on musicality, performance ability, and the experience level appropriate for this series. This series gives preference to emerging artists, typically performing for audiences between up to 100. An artist that could draw an audience larger than 200 should still apply and may be considered for another opportunity, such as an opening act for a national touring artist. We expect this series to be competitive and hope it can continue beyond this grant program. By applying, you are showing interest in the artist community. Interested artists, please complete the Live @ BCT Interest Form.

How it Works

Artists will work with the Theater’s Marketing Director to identify their audience and promote their show. The Technical Director will coordinate set-up, soundchecks, and a backline. All Theater staff will work with the artists in the same capacity they work with any performer, providing a high-quality professional experience in production.

After the performance, artists will be paid 50% of the gross ticket revenue, divided evenly between both groups.

Sample Show: Live @ BCT on Feb 19, 2024

Engage yourself in a listening room experience live at Buskirk-Chumley Theater. This program invites the community to appreciate the diverse sounds and expressions of Bloomington’s talented creatives and artists. $1 from each “Live at Buskirk-Chumley Theater” ticket sale will benefit a local nonprofit or cause. Proceeds from February’s show will be donated to Girls Rock Bloomington, as they teach positive self-esteem and self-expression through music education and mentoring to girls, trans, and non-binary youth (ages 8-14) through our annual summer camp, workshops, after-school programs, and more. Learn more about Girls Rock Bloomington at

Recorded Excerpt:

Westhead Live@BCT

About the Artists

Ali Bailey took her entire childhood and the first years of adulthood to collect her thoughts. She presents them clearly, beautifully, and in a way that only she could have. Listening to Albail feels like you already know Ali—and when you finish listening, you will want to know her more. Her debut album, New & Naked, was released by Hum Drum Press on 12/8/2023.

Slug Rug, the musical project of Audrey and Keegan Priest, is a constant exercise in balance. Whether it’s the 90’s-obsessed layered guitar soundscapes on “Milk Crate” or the gentle folk finger-stylings on “Gossip on the Grocery Store”, loud and soft on their new EP State Fair are valued the same. Nostalgia and melancholia are met with optimism and forgiveness. Slug Rug’s sound exists between “happy” and “sad” and opts for a more nuanced and vague interpretation of young adult life. Originally based in Indianapolis and now located in Bloomington, Slug Rug is joined live by Ali Bailey (Bass), Reeder Vyain (Synth), and Ethan Cantrell (Drums).

Westhead is the project of singer, songwriter, and producer Maxwell DiFrisco. With Westhead, DiFrisco crafts each release around themes of growth, relationships, and youth, with an extremely unique baroque-folk-rock palette. The act has also taken on a new life in the live realm, with the 5-piece taking on a wall of sound, dreamier sound.

Since 2020, Westhead has gained support as a recording project and live act. Sitting consistently with thousands of monthly listeners, the group has also taken the stage at venues such as Fitzgerald’s (Berwyn, IL), Buskirk-Chumley Theater, The Bishop, and The Bluebird (Bloomington, IN)

DiFrisco is from Chicago, IL, but is now based in Bloomington, IN, with support from band members Jimmy Diskin (Guitar, Vocals), Reeder Vyain (Keys), Antonio Rosario (Bass), and Braeden Janes (Drums).

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