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Marquee Rental

Has anybody else noticed how 2020 took the desire for photo ops to the next level? While gatherings of large groups inside the theater won’t return for a little while longer, several people will still safely fit under the marquee for an impromptu meeting! You can now rent the BCT for a message on the marquee for only $250/day.*


*Dates are subject to availability. Please check our availability calendar to make sure your desired date is available prior to contacting our Events Director.

BCT Marquee Rental Policy

Marquee rentals can be booked within two months of your selected date(s). Check out our availability calendar for openings for front marquee rentals! If your desired date(s) is not available, we also offer side marquee rentals which have more flexible scheduling options. Once you’ve picked a date—or a few dates in a row—contact our Events Director at 812-323-3020 ext 2 or events@buskirkchumley.org.

After confirming your date(s) with our Events Director, we require a signed contract and payment of a non-refundable $200 deposit for a front marquee message, or a $100 deposit for a side marquee message, prior to confirming the rental. This must be completed within two weeks of contract generation or two weeks of your desired date(s), whichever is sooner.

At least two weeks prior to your rental, fill out the BCT Front Marquee Rental Form or BCT Side Marquee Rental Form with your desired message. Your message must follow these community guidelines:

  • Messages are limited to available character spaces located on the primary marquee façade facing Kirkwood Ave. 
  • Messages are limited to available character inventory.
  • Messages must be family-friendly: no profanities, hate speech, illegal or inappropriate content.

Cost & Cancelations

Marquee Front
$250 first day (includes $200 deposit)
$50 each additional day
$450 one week (seven days)

Marquee Side (East or West)
$125 first day (includes $100 deposit)
$25 each additional day
$225 one week (seven days)

The deposit is always non-refundable, but the full balance is also surrendered on cancelations made less than 30 days in advance.

View our RATES & AVAILABILITY page for more details about BCT Rentals.

Practice on the Marquee Rental Form

The marquee uses “old school” lettering, giving it a very insta-worthy vibe but also limitations. With room for up to 55 characters & spaces per line on the front and 20 characters & spaces per line on the sides and a finite number of each unique character tile, we’ve created these handy worksheets to fit your message within these parameters:

BCT Front Marquee Rental Form

BCT Side Marquee Rental Form

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